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Portraits of Zouki

For about 30 years, I have been working with Zouki - wood from felled trees - from the Shonan and Izu Peninsula areas of Japan.
In their untouched state, trees are majestic things.
As a creator, I whittle, carve, sculpt - working with and against the unique shape and vigor of each tree.


televisore 角型/丸型 兜/2024 怪獣televisore Televisore televisore みんなの本棚 空らん 枢機卿ランプ 蓬が嶋


Production in proximity to the elements.
A workshop enclosed by nature.

There are several production bases scattered along the Shonan coast.
The production environment is a crucial element of the process - there are no enclosed buildings at the workshop to shelter us from wind and rain. The location is beautiful, brimming with abundant nature, yet is a harsh environment subject to the weather and climate.
Our showroom in Oiso offers a space where we are proud to show our work in a relaxed, sheltered atmosphere.

湯河原蜜柑山アトリエ The (Zougei) Workshop in Yugawara

The (Zougei) Workshop in Yugawara

Home of production
The workshop in Yugawara - the southern tip of Kanagawa Prefecture - is located on a mountain ridge, surrounded by citrus groves and overlooking the sea. On sunny days, the islands of the Izu Archipelago are beautiful to behold and sometimes, on the very distant horizon, the Tokyo Skytree tower is visible. The work area spans about 6,600 square meters of untamed nature, where we are blessed to work immersed in the elements.
This site has been the center of production for the past 30 years.

大磯野池アトリエ Oisonoike Workshop

Oisonoike Workshop

The Oisonoike Workshop is a 10-minute drive from the Oiso showroom. It is a grass field with beautiful natural weeds. The workshop is accessible to large vehicles, and we are able to handle large trees - such as zelkovas, tabs, and cypress.

大磯アトリエ・ショールーム Oiso showroom

Oiso showroom

It has a studio and a showroom. The stained glass windows are said to be the most beautiful in Japan. In the afternoon, the sun shines beautifully through the mountain trees into the exhibition room.



Born in Osaka in 1960. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts, he worked as a high school and prep school teacher before establishing Zougei Inc. in 2008. He has won prizes at numerous exhibitions including KAJIMA Sculpture Competition. While continuing to teach, he continues to work vigorously on his art.

1960: Born in Osaka, Japan
1986: Graduated Tokyo University of Fine Arts
2004: Silver Award, 8th Kajima Sculpture Competition (national)
2007: Encouragement Award, 10th Kajima Sculpture Competition
2009: Solo show of sculptures, Sekiguchi Art Museum, Tokyo
2010: Grand Prize Award, 10th Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition(national)
2010: Solo show of sculptures, GEM Art Gallery, Tokyo
2013: Solo show of sculptures, gallery ginza 1chome, Tokyo
2014: Solo show of sculptures, gallery TOM, Tokyo
2014: Solo show of sculptures, CCAA, Tokyo
2016: Solo show of sculptures, gallery TOM, Tokyo
2019: Solo show of sculptures, somewhere Tokyo
2019: Solo show of sculptures, buffetfive, Wakayama

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